Tudor Clothes: Why are they the best for you?

During the early days, Tudor clothing was so important that it spoke of a person’s social standing. Commoners would weak clothes that are not much of an impression while men of high ranks including high-profile society members wore clothes of elegant materials together with expensive accessories. The richer you were then, the more choices were offered to you for your clothing.

And while this does not occur anymore today, nothing can stop people from dressing up Tudor clothes from decades long ago! In fact, Tudor clothes have made a name for itself in medieval festivals because of its elegance and distinct beauty which separates it from other forms of clothing; Hence the increasing number of people who prefer to wear Tudor.

So if you’re interested to wear Tudor clothes in a medieval festival, here are three things you should know why Tudor clothes is the best option.

One of the reasons why I personally prefer Tudor clothes is because of the endless options to choose from that range from clothes for Kings to clothes for commoners. And while many find that dressing up like royalty is fun, there’s always pleasure in dressing up as peasants too! But what I really love about Tudor clothes is that no matter what ‘social rank’ you want to portray, there’s always a piece of clothing that suits you!

Another reason why I’d go for Tudor clothes is because of elegance. No matter what class or rank I go for, Tudor clothes have a distinct touch of history to them that is like no other. Sure, you and a friend will both dress-up as royalty but if you dress up using Tudor clothes, there’s an obvious difference between the two of you!

And while Tudor clothes are starting to gain popularity, they aren’t among the top list of costumes people would wear, so you’re pretty sure that when you attend an event, there’s a small chance someone else would look like you!

Last but not least, Tudor clothes are known for their accessories – the wealthier your character is, the more accessories you should wear! Therefore, your clothes are not only attractive on their own, they can also be customized with accessories that makes your outfit more realistic.


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Renaissance Fair – Getting Their Own Fair Share

Renaissance fairs have been getting their own fair share of the limelight with the growing number of events all-throughout the states. Whether as a permanent event people could visit or as a special highlight, such as that of a moving circus, renaissance fairs have successfully given their selves a name.

But why are renaissance fairs a hit?

Renaissance fairs are events held that try to reproduce the time before us, particularly the medieval age where Knights and Kings and magic once lived. These are all brought to life through activities and events and even people in costumes, walking all-around the area. Sometimes, jousting is even performed by  professional actors while others take this as an opportunity to relive history and familiarize themselves with the medieval times.

There are several factors while renaissance fairs are a hit among people, one of which is entertainment. Unlike modern-day entertainment, renaissance fairs appeal to people because of the ability to play pretend, the idea of people dressing up in medieval clothes, Tudor clothes or even Tristan clothing, walking all-over ‘town’ is a sight to behold.     

Some people just enjoy the activities made available to them, such as churning butter or even get your future revealed to before you with palmistry and tarot reading.

The festivity of the occasion, particularly the joyful atmosphere encourages fun among people! There are others who take advantage of the festivities as a break-away from the everyday work they experience and use the opportunity to bond with family and with friends.

Over-all, renaissance festivals are a good place to have fun and mingle with other people while getting to know more of the time that has passed. Much of the things we enjoy today, such as clothing, jewelry, hairstyle and even haircolor were all affected by how they were once were then. And if you ever heard of retro, you would know what I mean.

Renaissance fairs are also a hit among children because they appeal to the imagination and creativity of the young ones where they get to be people and mythological characters they once dreamed off, and play roles such as Knights and Princesses, all of which they have never imagined would come true, not even in their wildest dreams!   


Renay Laudeman writes articles related to renaissance clothing and medieval costumes. You can find more information about renaissance costumes at our web site.

Renaissance Fair

If you’re planning on going to a renaissance fair, then you might as well know that planning one afternoon is hard, with all the sights to see and things to hear. Renaissance fairs are known for their activities and for the festivities that one day might not be enough. Hence, proper planning is required to make the most out of your day. 

One thing I always do before we go to a renaissance fair is to know what kind of medieval clothing will we wear. Remember that the fun begins with the choosing of a medieval costume to wear!  Often times I make a list of what characters I would want to play this year and my list would go on to include pirates, Knights, Kings, Princes, and even some mythical creatures I’ve thought of at the last moment. And then I’d check my favourite online medieval shop for a list of costumes that they carry.

My next stop would be to connect with the organizer and know beforehand what kind of activities do they have in-store for visitors. Since most of the renaissance fairs that come across our area are moving, I’m always treated to something new every single time. I’d then make a list of activities that I want to see or do and then, on the day itself, I know where to go and what time I should be there.

That’s easy if the festival is in your area, but what about if it is out of town?

For out of town activities, I go for the more safe approach. A few days before the renaissance festival, I grab a roadmap of the area and highlight in advance the places where the events I’d like to see are going to be held. That way, I won’t get lost and I won’t be wasting my time all-over town, wondering where I should be going and how to get there.

These are simple planning I do in order to make the most out of my own medieval event adventure, which I also share to first time goers! Nothing beats being in the right place on the right time, if you really want to make the most out of the experience.    


Renay Laudeman writes articles related to wench costume and renaissance costumes. You can find more information about renaissance costumes at our web site.